Low-Voltage Sliding Cable Power Conveying System

Nov. 10, 2023

Working Principle

Lower 380V/220V to 36V safety voltage by transformer, transmit current to DC current of the drive trolley through safety sliding cable and electric brush system at the track side, drive trolley wheels to rotate by reducer and chain sprocket mechanism and drive the trolley to run on the track.

To prevent overall derailment, trolley is divided into drive trolley and driven trolley, drive trolley is divided into two parts to realize cross conveying between lateral conveying trolleys.

Short pipes are directly conveyed by the drive trolley, while long pipes are jointly conveyed by drive trolley and driven trolley. 

Technical Parameters

Applicable diameter: DN50-600Φ60-630

Applicable wall thickness: 6-80mm

Applicable material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and low-temperature steel etc.

Load capacity: 10T

Trolley type: 3 carriages, 8 wheels in 4 groups

Drive mode:

AC motor


Chain sprocket driver

Power supply mode: power acquisition by safety sliding cable

Travel speed: 2-20m/min

Track type: 18kg light rail

Track length: 32m

Control system:

Proprietary technology of the company

Wireless remote control

Equipment power:

Motor power: 4KWAC


Equipment weight: 800kg

Trolley dimensions: 5250mm×1140mm×800mm

Low-Voltage Sliding Cable Power Conveying System

Low-Voltage Sliding Cable Power Conveying System