Automatic Pipe Welding Robot (part 1)

Dec. 15, 2023

Technical Parameters

  • Power Supply: 380VAC 50Hz

  • Dimensions: 8000 (L) x 3000(W) x 2000 (H) mm

  • Operation Mode: Control handle for mouse/keyboard/industrial switch/robot

  • Working Environment: 0℃-45℃

  • IP Rating: IP54

  • Welding Precision: 0.5mm

The automatic pipe welding robot is designed with a MIG welder, 6-axis robot, vision-guided system, single-axis welding positioner, pipe support unit, robotic walking rail, electrical control cabinet, welding gun cleaner, etc. Due to the vision-guided system, automatic welding of pipe-pipe intersection and circumferential welding between pipes and fittings can be precisely performed.


  • No vibration will be generated during the welding process, and a steady, consistent motion is always maintained, which delivers high quality welds with a good appearance.

  • The welding automation equipment ensures safe operation, and ergonomic comfort. It greatly lessens the need for operator’s exposure to environments with loud noise or high temperature.

  • Welding automation greatly improves welding efficiency, which is not influenced by the operator’s skill.

  • Automatic Pipe Welding Robot (part 1)

  • Automatic Pipe Welding Robot (part 1)