Pipe Fabrication Automatic Welding Machine(Ordinary Type)

Model: PFAWM-16Ad/24Ad/32Ad/48Ad

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN 600/DN800/DN1200



Performance Features: The best-selling model;applicable for large amount of STD wall thickness pipe fabrication; twosets of polyurethane coated driving wheels(two pcs per set, totally four pcs);driven by motor and reducer; twosets of polyurethane coated hold-down wheels(two pcs per set, totally four pcs); held-down by embedded screw rod mechanism; built-in drivingwheel and exposeddriving system; fast positioning weld with longitudinal telescope boom;standard configuration : Lincoln Flextech500 multi-function welding power; TIG/MIG root welding with QSPT’s root welding technology; TIG/MIG/SAW fill-in and cap welding; operation with a streamline welding control cabinet + an aluminum alloy wire control box; the best choice for STD wall thickness pipe welding.

Classic hence favored

Pipe automatic welding expert (dedicated machine)

Rotator drive, rotator press down, telescopic boom welding

Standard configuration: Lincoln Flextech500


Max. DN1200

Max. 30mm

Max. 300DI/D(MIG+ SAW)

Max. equivalent to 6 welder

High cost effectiveness