Structure Overview of Pipe Longitudinal Roller Conveying System

Aug. 04, 2022

Pipe Roller Conveying System adopts motor reducer to rotate V-shape roller through chain sprocket mechanism, and delivers the pipe front and back by the friction force between V-shape roller and pipe. 

Structure Overview of Pipe Longitudinal Roller Conveying System

Pipe Roller Conveying System (hereinafter referred to as the equipment) is divided into sections and consists of 3 systems below:

Base steel system

Roller conveying system

Electric control system  

Systems are installed and connected as follows:

Roller conveying system is installed on the base steel system

Electric control cabinet of electric control system is placed independently and connected with other systems through electric wires

Base steel system consists of 3 steel component

Roller conveying system consists of 4 set of motor reducer, 4 set of chain sprocket mechanism and 4 set of conveyor roller and realizes longitudinal conveying of the pipe.   

Electric control system consists of 1 electric control cabinet and 1 set of electric control component