Pipeline 3D warehouse

Sep. 16, 2022

In recent years, with the rapid development of manufacturing industry and the transformation of modern production mode, automatic three-dimensional warehouse has become an important equipment for the development of manufacturing enterprises due to its low occupation area, high efficiency and intelligence. Long section steel pipe is widely used in machinery, construction, logistics and other industries.

Today,We would like to introduce to you a 3D pipe warehouse of our company.



Model: PS3DW-16Aa/24Aa


Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600

性能特点:由立体货架、堆垛机、输送小车、工控系统等4部分组成;储存货架标配为二排二列,可分层、分档进行管子储存;堆垛机可进行管子的自动垂直提升和水平移动;输送小车可自动将管子送入、送出立体仓库;适用管子直径DN600、管子壁厚30mm、管子长度12米;由安装有管理系统软件的工控机进行实时控制,实现单根管子的快速储存和提取。可与管道工厂预制智能管理系统Pipe Shop FabricationIntelligent Management Software实时共享存储信息。

Performance Features: Its compose of 3D Storage rack, stocker, conveying trolley, IPC etc 4 portions; standard configuration of storage rack are two rows & two lines, can be layered & separated level to pipe storage;  The stacker can carry out automatic longitudinal lifting and horizontal movement of pipe; the conveying trolley can automatically feeding pipes into and out of three-dimensional warehouses (dispensers), pipe diameter is applicable DN600, pipe wall thickness 30mm, pipe length 12 meters; The real-time control of industrial computer with management system software is carried out to realize the fast storage and take out of single pipe. Its can real-time shared storage information withPipe Shop Fabrication Intelligent Management software.