All-position TIG welding trolley

Mar. 17, 2023

In order to better adapt to outdoor welding work,Our company has developed a portable welding trolley.

model:C-600 welding car

Full position TIG welding car technical description

technical feature:

The main part of the car is made of aluminum, which is light in weight and easy to operate

Equipped with automatic arc length tracking function, can automatically control the distance between tungsten electrode and weld

Equipped with automatic swing function, can automatically adjust the swing width and speed according to the setting

Equipped with 5 kg wire plate for welding

Hot wire configuration can be provided according to customer's requirements

The rails are light and convenient, and use special materials and multi-channel heat treatment technology to ensure durability

Precision DC motor is used to ensure the precision and stability of operation

The trolley has good versatility, and the same car can be used for welding requirements of various pipe diameters

The clamping tightness between the driving gear and the track of the trolley can be adjusted adaptively in the running process