Pipe Fabrication Mechanical Fitting-up Centre(Chuck + Chuck)

Model: PFFUC-16Ca/24Ca/32Ca

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800



Performance features: Patented product; suitable for fitting up spool piece with "flange + pipe + flange" ; fitting up efficiency increased by more than 100%; two fitting-up Chuck heads; two movable supporting trolleys; onemachined rail; fitting-up headsinstalled separately at both ends of the rail and travel along the centerlinein the axial direction according to the length of spool piece; fitting up synchronously at both ends (fitting-up heads move in six directions automatically: up/down/left/right/back/front); operated with an aluminum alloy wire control box.

Pipe-flange fit up master

Fast and convenient

One-stop fit up and track welding