Pipe Fabrication Automatic Welding Center(Chuck + Rotator)

Product Model: PFAWC-16Ca/24Ca/32Ca/48Ca

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1200



Performance features: Integrated product; overcome the drawbacks of cantilever welding machine and regular welding machine; suitable for welding spool piece such as "fitting + pipe + fitting" ; the welding efficiency increased by more than 100%; one fixed type welding positioner with chuck; one Split Type Pipe Automatic Welding Machine; one cantilever welding trolley; three movable supporting trolleys; two 18# light track; the positioned and automatic welding machine installed at both ends of rail; standard configuration:one or two Lincoln Flextech650 multi-function welding power; TIG/MIG root welding with QSPT's root welding technology; TIG/MIG/SAW fill-in and cap welding; operated with an aluminum alloy wire control box

The perfect combination of split and cantilever welding machines

Simutaneous welding of two weld joints on a long pipe spool

Heavy duty chuck, super torque: 13200 N.m

Standard configuration: Lincoln Flextech650


MAX. DN1200

MAX. 60mm